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What's up? Minting rate and good news !

Nov. 17, 2023

The project was put on hold for an extended period. We know it's uncomfortable but we couldn't do otherwise and we're sorry for that.

But a lot has changed recently. We will now be able to allocate a regular time slot to work on the project. The Stonks will be back in production and back in your wallets again, of course!

To better adapt our work flow, they will no longer be minted in dozens at a time, but rather in small, regular quantities.

Even if the pace of creation is different, prices will remain the same, so don't worry.

Our main objective is to animate Ergo's NFT ecosystem and contribute to its growth. We will use the regular creation of stonks to improve Ergo's referencing via the X hashtags of other blockchains and thus open up more easily to other horizons. For example, when an ETH stonk is minted, we'll be able to place #Ethereum $ETH and so on... It's a meagre effort, but we'll keep up the good work in this way!

Hope you enjoy the new website and don't forget : Ergo Stonks only goes up !!

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